Our Medically Developed Weight Loss Program Offers Dieters What They Really Want…

a Structured Plan that Empowers You with the Knowledge to put an End to Constant Dieting

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is a medically developed weight loss method with a balanced weight maintenance plan built right in. During your initial weight loss assessment, we will assign you a personal weight loss coach. This coach will help you set and achieve your weight loss goals while providing you with motivation, reassurance and a balanced lifestyle education you’ll need to help you maintain your results after dieting. Because anyone can tell you how to eat better...we’ll teach you how to eat smarter!

Contact us today we’ll help you to achieve your weight loss goals and teach you to live at a stable weight.

Make a Commitment to Lifestyle Changes that can Help you Maintain a Stable Weight

This fall represented the grand opening of The Ideal Weigh. We are ready to take on clients that are wanting to embrace a change in their life and are ready to follow the medically developed and supervised weight loss protocol, Ideal Protein. We are excited to introduce to Williams Lake, our personal weight loss coach, Natalie MacKay. We are proud to have her as a member of our healthcare team as she is the most successful Ideal Protein Coach in Canada having lost 140 pounds.

She has walked the walk and is motivated to help others reach their ideal weight. Come in for your free consultation and meet her - she will show you the Ideal Weigh. Dr. Bos decided to add this facet of healthcare to the clinic because he has seen first hand how effective this weight loss protocol is. Our clinic mission is to provide successful patient care and recovery through a team approach to assessment and treatment while utilizing a full spectrum of health care. The Ideal Protein Protocol embraces a whole body approach to health, thus complimenting our clinic philosophy.

Find out how Ideal Protein can help you lose weight, while teaching you smarter lifestyle strategies to ensure you maintain a stable weight. 250-392-7717

The Method

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. During all four Phases you will receive one-on-one coaching, teaching you how your body gains weight and what you should be eating in order to maintain a balanced weight.

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About Us

Whatever your dieting history is, it's in the past... and starting today you can stop letting your past dictate your future, because our weight loss program offers dieters what they really want... a structured plan that can offer an end to yo-yo dieting.

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